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Evoya Platform

Smart selling on autopilot

Answer up to 70% of sales conversations via email fully automatically, place offers cleverly, sell more, and never respond too late to customer inquiries again.

Happy sales representative using the clever sales software Avaia

Benefits for your company

More sales with our advanced AI sales solution

Sell more

Sell cleverly and specifically with the help of generative AI.

Relieve sales teams

Always active and without missing a sales opportunity.

Shorten sales cycles

Go from cold leads to closing deals faster.

Automatic lead management

The categorization feature automatically sorts incoming emails from prospects responding to marketing campaigns into predefined categories such as "not interested," "interested," and "maybe later." Depending on the category, emails can be marked or forwarded specifically. Particularly advantageous is the rapid identification of hot leads, which allows for immediate notification of the responsible salesperson.

Illustration of Avaia's automatic email categorization

Intelligent response strategies

Our software creates responses to incoming emails based on specifications and saves them as drafts or sends them directly. It can be instructed to process either the entire mailbox or only certain subfolders. This is particularly useful as it allows for targeted instructions on how to handle emails in specific folders (= categories). For example, it can send a quote directly to prospects of a marketing campaign or thank non-interested parties for their disinterest and make them a clever, unobtrusive offer in case they change their mind.

Illustration of Avaia email auto-response

Discover use cases

Customer service

Answer up to 80% of customer inquiries automatically, offer 24/7 support, reduce waiting times, and increase customer and employee satisfaction.

Team assistants (soon)

Digital, intelligent AI assistants that take on repetitive work so teams can focus on what matters.


Answer up to 70% of email sales conversations automatically, place offers effectively, increase sales and always respond promptly to customer inquiries.

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