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Workshop: AI in practice

Understand generative AI and learn how to apply it in everyday business.

Workshop overview

The workshop offers an introduction to the current AI models and shows the participants what is already possible today and what will probably be possible tomorrow. We will conduct a demo and give each participant the opportunity to try out the current AIs yourself.

As the workshop continues, we will consider specific business cases and determine together whether these can be supported with AI. We will also show how AIs can be connected to the company's systems in order to achieve the best possible results.


The following content will be covered in the workshop. We would be happy to adapt the content to your needs and use concrete examples from the participants' environment.

  • Presentation and demonstration of the current AI models

  • Concrete examples where the new AI models disruptively change business areas

  • Participants can try out AIs independently

  • Analysis of specific business cases with regard to the possibility of AI support

  • Connection of AIs to corporate systems

  • Possibilities of independently acting agents (auto-GPT & more)

Based on the findings, we then develop a potential analysis and concrete suggestions for action on how the found potential can be used in your company.

What you will learn

You understand what a prompt is and how to formulate one.

You understand the difference between generative and predictive AI.

You understand what an autonomous agent is and how it differs from traditional programming.

You will learn how and where AI can be used in a corporate context.

Martin Bachmann (CTO)

Get to know the workshop leader

Software engineer with over 25 years of experience specializing in software development and AI innovations.

Phone: +41 44 520 16 48

  • CHF 2,500.- including pre- and post-processing & Report for potential analysis.

  • 2-3 hours

  • On site in your company.

  • We guarantee an exciting event and practical, sustainable knowledge transfer.

AI workshop: Experience innovation

Discover how AI can transform your business in our interactive workshop

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