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Evoya Platform

Efficient customer service that inspires

Answer up to 80% of customer inquiries fully automatically. Offer 24/7 customer support, reduce waiting times and increase customer and employee satisfaction.

Illustration of Avaia's inspiring, efficient customer service with 24/7 support.

Benefits for your company

Turn challenges into opportunities with our advanced AI support solution

Reduce costs

Save sustainably by automating standard requests.

Relieve support teams

The Evoya Platform operates 24/7 – your teams focus on what really matters.

Increase customer satisfaction

Deliver support that inspires – for permanently higher customer satisfaction.

Multi-channel and 24/7 service

Optimize your customer communication with our multi-channel and 24/7 service software. Our solution communicates around the clock via email and chat to provide your customers with the excellent service they deserve.

Intuitive and authentic conversations

Our software ensures natural customer conversations by emulating the way people communicate. It understands technical jargon, typos, and context and communicates thoughtfully and individually tailored to adapt to each customer's specific needs and emotions.

Visual representation of intuitive and authentic conversations through Avaia.


The Evoya Platform is proficient in more than 50 languages and demonstrates particular expertise in frequently spoken languages such as German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and Chinese. This comprehensive language proficiency ensures clear and precise communication, thereby reducing misunderstandings and errors in customer service.

Illustration of Avaia's multilingualism, supporting over 50 languages.

Always up to date with the latest knowledge 

In the knowledge base we always use the most current data from the URLs you provide. Changes to your website and new content are recorded automatically.

Visualization of Avaia, always up to date with the latest data from the knowledge base.

Use systems, expand options

The Evoya Platform offers much more than just answering questions. By connecting with systems such as CRM and ERP, the spectrum of knowledge can be expanded, and a wider range of tasks can be undertaken for you and your customers. You always retain control over which data is used and how it is deployed.

Demonstrate how Avaia connects with CRM and ERP systems to expand their capabilities.

Discover use cases


Answer up to 70% of email sales conversations automatically, place offers effectively, increase sales and always respond promptly to customer inquiries.

Team assistants (soon)

Digital, intelligent AI assistants that take on repetitive work so teams can focus on what matters.

Customer service

Answer up to 80% of customer inquiries automatically, offer 24/7 support, reduce waiting times and increase customer and employee satisfaction.

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