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The platform for easily creating autonomous AI agents

Automate routine tasks, increase productivity, and deliver higher quality work with the help of artificial intelligence.

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Our customers

Repetitive and inefficient processes slow down growth and innovation

A pervasive problem in many companies is the tedious task of answering emails, which takes up employees' time and energy. Customers repeatedly asking the same questions create an endless cycle that is of no benefit to them or the company. Closely related to this challenge is the use of non-intelligent chatbots. Instead of helping, these often lead to confusion and frustration for customers as they are unable to respond appropriately to complex requests.

In addition, inefficient sales processes not only slow down the sales process, but also reduce sales.

Another often overlooked but critical problem is that valuable, yet neglected and unused, company knowledge is lost in the archives.

An employee sitting in front of a PC frustrated by repetitive work.

AI agents

Let the Evoya Platform do the work for you

Automate routine tasks, increase productivity, and deliver higher quality work with the help of artificial intelligence.

Benefits for your company

Turn challenges into opportunities with our advanced AI support solution

Reduce costs

Save sustainably by automating standard requests.

Relieve support teams

The Evoya Platform works 24/7 - your teams focus on what really matters.

Increase customer satisfaction

Deliver support that inspires – for permanently higher customer satisfaction.

Increase sales

Automatically answer emails. Never miss a sales opportunity. Sell smartly with AI.

More innovation

Gain time and invest more resources in innovations.


Since we started using Evoya to quickly query internal knowledge, our team's efficiency has significantly improved. The number of repetitive questions to me has greatly decreased, saving me a lot of time every day – a real gain for the entire team!

Jeremy Loosli - CTO Splendida

Very helpful software! Since we started using Evoya in our customer service, standard questions are being automatically resolved. Our employees are less burdened and can focus on more challenging tasks.

Marcel Wälchli - CEO Softproject

A cool product from a Swiss startup! We replaced our old chat with Evoya and now we're answering over 60% of customer inquiries fully automatically.

Chris Etienne - CFO BLG Sports

Explore features

Email replier

Automatic creation of email responses tailored to the use case. Save as a draft or send directly.

Knowledge Base

Use knowledge bases as a central source of information. Supported formats: URLs, PDFs, Word documents, Google Docs, text files and more.


Intelligent chatbots for customer service automation and as internal AI assistants.

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Answer up to 70% of email sales conversations automatically, place offers effectively, increase sales and always respond promptly to customer inquiries.

Team assistants

Digital, intelligent AI assistants that take on repetitive work so teams can focus on what matters.

Customer service

Answer up to 80% of customer inquiries automatically, offer 24/7 support, reduce waiting times and increase customer and employee satisfaction.

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