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Autonomous AI assistants

Maximize efficiency and intelligence in your workflows with smart AI solutions.

What are autonomous AI assistants?

LLM-based AI assistants or language model-based artificial intelligence assistants, are advanced programs that are trained on large amounts of text data to conduct human-like conversations. LLM stands for "Large Language Model", which means something like "Large Language Model". These models learn from an extensive database. The capabilities of AI assistants are diverse and impressive. A key aspect of LLM-based AI assistants is their ability to adapt to the user's needs and preferences, allowing for more personal and relevant interaction.

Traditional programming vs. AI assistants

Traditional programming is based on fixed instructions and algorithms that remain unchanged until a programmer updates them. It is well suited for defined application areas, but requires manual adjustments for new situations.


In contrast, AI assistants use artificial intelligence to adapt and learn independently. They are able to recognize patterns and make decisions based on data without relying on explicitly programmed instructions. They can adapt dynamically to new situations and develop their own solutions.

Advantages of AI assistants

Increased efficiency & cost cutting

Automating routine tasks saves time and reduces operating costs.

Employee relief

24/7 AI-powered assistants reduce your team's workload and minimize errors with accurate and consistent task completion.

Gain valuable insights

Efficient analysis of customer feedback delivers quick insights.

Reduction of repetitive work

Automated answering of frequently asked questions by AI.

Make optimal use of company knowledge

Easy access to information from internal documents and processes.

Flexible work processes

AI enables rapid adaptation to changing requirements, unlike traditional programming processes.

Application of digital AI assistants

Generate texts

You are able to write coherent and relevant texts, be it an article, a poem or a technical explanation.

Autonomous AI assistants – your advantage

Automate workflows with intelligent AI assistants. We invite you to a free initial consultation to discuss the possible uses of autonomous assistants in your company.

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