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Competence in technical AI consulting

With over 24 years of software development experience, we have the expertise to advance your business with the latest AI technologies.

Your guide in the dynamic AI age

With the constant advancements in the world of technology, it becomes more and more important to stay up to date. AI technology is already an essential part of our daily processes and will become increasingly central in the future. However, this progress also brings with it increasing complexity and the challenge of developing a sound understanding of the opportunities and risks of AI in a business context.


This is where the Evoya AI team comes in. We offer our customers comprehensive technical advice in the field of AI and support you from idea generation to the successful implementation of your projects.

This is how we work in projects

Personal initial consultation

Our initial conversation is the starting point of our collaboration. In this free video call, we take the time to understand your individual goals and expectations in detail

Determination of possible applications

In this phase, we focus on identifying the specific possible uses of AI in your company. The goal is to identify business processes and areas where the use of AI can create significant added value.

Feasibility analysis & strategy

After a thorough examination of your existing systems and processes, we create a detailed feasibility analysis. This analysis provides information about how AI can be optimally used in your specific case. Based on these findings, we develop a tailor-made strategy that not only addresses your current needs, but also takes future growth opportunities into account.

Product Design & Development

Our team of experienced project managers and developers work closely with you to design a user-centered AI solution. We attach great importance to intuitive usability and maximum efficiency to ensure that the products developed are not only powerful but also user-friendly. The development process includes regular feedback loops to ensure optimal adaptation to your specific requirements.

Explore AI solutions together

Rely on our expert knowledge to use AI effectively instead of getting caught up in complexities.

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