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Prompt engineering

Fully exploit AI potential through targeted prompt engineering.

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Prompt engineering

What is prompt engineering?

Prompt engineering involves designing prompts that aim to elicit specific responses or behaviors from a generative AI model. It involves refining the inputs to elicit specific responses, taking into account the specifics of the training data and the architecture of the model. This practice requires a balance between precision and creativity, with well-designed prompts able to elicit deep, coherent, and entertaining content from the AI model.


The principle of "garbage in, garbage out" is particularly true here: a poorly posed question leads to a less useful answer. A prompt engineer ensures that clear and precise instructions are sent to the AI. The complexity and length of the prompt varies depending on the use case.

Relevance of prompt engineering for SMEs

Prompt engineering is particularly valuable for SMEs because it allows them to use AI in a targeted manner without investing in expensive development. Precisely formulated prompts can greatly optimize the performance of AI systems.


Below are three key points that underline the relevance of prompt engineering for SMEs:

No code

No coding is necessary, so even people without a technical background can make changes to the AI system.

Cost efficiency

By adjusting prompts, changes to AI systems can be made easily, quickly and cost-effectively.


The best LLM is useless if the prompt is poorly formulated. For optimal output, the prompt must be precise.


Maximize the benefits of AI with prompt engineering

The practice of prompt engineering is critical to improving user experience and the efficiency of AI systems. Evoya AI helps you get more accurate and relevant answers from AI models by carefully crafting prompts.


Not only does this help scale process automation, but it also promotes more valuable interactions between users (both customers and employees) and AI systems by making them more intuitive and satisfying.

Step 1

Understanding business goals and prompt design

The first step involves a thorough analysis of your business goals and communication needs. Our team works closely with you to understand the specific challenges your company faces in the context of AI.

Using this information, we strategically design prompts that form the basis for useful AI interactions. These prompts are designed to get precise and relevant responses from your AI system to best support your business needs.

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Step 2

Developing and testing prompts

In the second step, we further develop the prompts designed in the first step and begin testing. Through iterative testing in real scenarios, we ensure that the prompts are not only well formulated in theory but also reliably deliver the desired results in practice. This phase includes adjusting the prompts to maximize their efficiency and accuracy, as well as adapting to any peculiarities of your AI application.

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Step 3

Implementation and optimization

Once the prompts have been developed and tested, we support you in implementing them into your existing AI system. We work hand in hand with your team to ensure a smooth integration.


After implementation, the continuous optimization phase follows, where we monitor the performance of the prompts and make adjustments where necessary. The goal is to continuously improve the interaction between your AI system and end users, thus extracting the maximum value from your prompt engineering service.

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Optimize the performance of your AI systems now with the support of Evoya AI

Contact us by email or phone, or book a non-binding initial consultation directly. We will be happy to answer all your questions about prompt engineering.

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