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Evoya Platform

AI Chats

With the power of generative artificial intelligence, internal teams can be relieved and customers can be served around the clock.

Easy chat setup

Setting up the chats is simple and efficient, so a simple chat doesn't take more than an hour to get live. More complex and extensive chats may take more time.

Illustration of Avaia's quick and easy chat system setup.

Empathetic and brand-compliant conversations

The tone and language nuances of your chat can be customized to suit your business and brand guidelines, so your business is best represented. The language used is automatically adapted to the customer - all common languages such as German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, etc. are covered.

Deliver empathetic, on-brand conversations in multiple languages with Avaia.

Various possible uses

Chats transcend the boundaries of customer support and open doors to a wide range of business applications. Here are a few examples that only show some of the possibilities:

  • Employee onboarding: Chat buddies make onboarding easier by providing new employees with information and answering questions.

  • Manager support: Special chat assistants help department heads with administrative tasks.

  • Internal HR inquiries: Chats quickly and efficiently answer HR questions, from vacation requests to company policies.

  • Technical Support: Tech Guru Chats find and deliver accurate information from technical documents.

Visualization of various possible uses of Avaia chats in companies, from onboarding to support.

Always and everywhere

With our AI chats, we are available to support your customers and teams at all times. Customers enjoy fast, efficient help at any time of the day or night, while your teams are noticeably relieved of routine requests. This double relief transforms AI chats into an indispensable team member that increases efficiency and increases customer satisfaction.

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More features

Inbox organizer

Automatic categorization of emails according to specifications, classification into the appropriate folders or direct forwarding to the responsible person.

Email replier

Automatic creation of email responses tailored to the use case. Save as a draft or send directly.

Knowledge Base

Use knowledge bases as a central source of information. Supported formats: URLs, PDFs, Word documents, Google Docs, text files and more.

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