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Empowering Businesses with Practical AI Solutions

Founder and management team

Enoya AI, founded in February 2024 by Steven, Martin and Philipp, was born out of their vision to actively shape the technological development and application of AI. Steven gave up his role as Marketing Manager at a leading telecommunications company to focus fully on Enoya AI to concentrate. The team brings a combination of expertise in software development, business management and specialized AI knowledge.

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Marketing manager from the telecommunications industry with 15 years of professional experience in various operational and commercial management positions, specializing in direct marketing and customer service processes.

Steven Chareonbood (CEO)

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Software engineer with over 25 years of experience specializing in software development and AI innovations.

Martin Bachmann (CTO)

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Financial expert with extensive experience in strategic planning and business optimization. At Evoya, responsible for financial management and process optimization.

Philipp Sprecher (COO)

Our mission

Our mission reflects our commitment to the harmonious integration of human creativity and AI-based efficiency. We firmly believe that the future lies in collaboration - collaboration that combines the unique capabilities of humans with the advanced capabilities of artificial intelligence.

​Create a future,in people andArtificial intelligenceHand in hand as oneTeam work.

Our motto

Create something new. Use AI as a partner. Have fun.

Our values

Our values guide us to ensure that the entire Evoya AI team works in alignment with the company's goals and mission.

01. Deliver the best customer experience – every time

02. Question the status quo

03. Be curious

04. Be respectful and fair

05. Cultivate togetherness

Explore AI solutions together

Rely on our expert knowledge to use AI effectively instead of getting caught up in complexities.

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