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Evoya Platform

Instant Email Replier

No email remains unanswered – The Evoya Platform guarantees prompt and contextually accurate responses, supported by AI.

Connect your mailbox in just a few steps

Connect your existing email inbox in just a few steps. Choose whether to process the entire mailbox or only specific subfolders. Alternatively, you can provide access to a separate email address you have created, to which you can specifically forward certain emails.

Every email is appropriate and unique

The tone and nuances of your automated responses can be precisely adjusted – ideal for everything from informal communication to official notices. The language used is automatically adapted to the email. This makes every email feel tailor-made, even with automated creation.

Demonstrate how to customize automated email responses with Avaia for unique communications.

Specific to industry and use case

Responses can be tailored to industry-specific and company-specific requirements as well as predefined objectives. For example, short and concise answers can be provided to technically savvy suppliers, appropriately empathetic responses can be made to upset customers, or clever sales strategies can be applied for an outbound sales campaign.

Image showing Avaia's industry and application-specific response customization.

Knowledge bases

By integrating external resources, the capabilities of the system are multiplied. The more data it receives, the more adept it becomes at providing insightful, context-rich responses.

Visualize expanding Avaia's capabilities by integrating external knowledge bases.

More features

Inbox organizer

Automatic categorization of emails according to specifications, classification into the appropriate folders or direct forwarding to the responsible person.

Knowledge Base

Use knowledge bases as a central source of information. Supported formats: URLs, PDFs, Word documents, Google Docs, text files and more.


Intelligent chatbots for customer service automation and as internal AI assistants.

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