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Cookie Policy: Evoya AI GmbH

Last Update: March 26, 2024

This document informs users about the technologies used on this website, which are utilized for the purposes explained below. These technologies enable the storage of information on a user's device or access to it (e.g., through the use of cookies), or they use the data processing capacities of the device when visiting or using this website. For simplicity, all such technologies are referred to as "trackers" in this document unless a specific distinction is required. While cookies can be used in both web browsers and mobile browsers, they are not applicable as browser-based trackers in mobile apps. Therefore, the term "cookies" is used in this document only when explicitly referring to this form of trackers. For certain processing purposes that require the use of trackers, user consent may be required depending on the applicable law. Once such consent has been given, the user can withdraw it at any time following the procedure described here.

This website uses both its own trackers (so-called "first-party trackers") and trackers provided by third-party services (known as "third-party trackers") to enhance user experience, analyze website usage, and for advertising purposes. Examples of third-party services used include Google Analytics. The duration for which first-party cookies and similar trackers are stored is determined by the lifespan set by the provider. The use and storage of third-party cookies are subject to the policies of the respective third-party providers.

It is important for users to be aware that third-party trackers may collect data beyond the control of this website's provider. We encourage users to read the privacy policies of these third-party services to understand their data processing practices.

For managing consent and preferences related to cookies and trackers, users have several options, including adjusting browser settings to block or delete cookies, using the consent management tools provided on our website, or directly through the privacy settings of the third-party services.

Please note that rejecting certain types of cookies may impact your experience on our site and the services we are able to offer.



Necessary Processes for the Operation of the Website and Service Provision

This website uses so-called "technical" cookies and comparable trackers that are essential to provide the core functions of the website and perform the service.

Management of Settings and Adjustment of Consents

Adjusting the settings for trackers and granting or revoking consents can be done in several ways:

  • Users have the option to adjust the settings for trackers directly through the settings of their device, for example, by completely blocking the use or storage of trackers.

  • If the use of trackers is based on the user's consent, this consent can be granted or revoked either via the cookie banner on the first visit or through a special widget for managing privacy preferences (if available).

  • Stored trackers can also be deleted through the settings of the browser or device, including those used to store the user's consent preferences.

  • Trackers stored in the local storage of the browser can be removed by deleting the browser history.


Guide to Managing Trackers For managing cookies, the following browsers offer specific instructions:

  • Google Chrome

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Apple Safari

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Brave

  • Opera

Trackers in mobile apps can be managed through corresponding settings on the device, such as settings for mobile advertising or general tracking settings.


Consequences of Rejecting Trackers

The decision to allow or reject trackers is at the user's discretion. However, trackers contribute to improving the user experience and the functionality of this website. Rejecting trackers may, therefore, result in the provider being unable to offer certain functions.


Contact Information of the Provider and Controller

Evoya AI GmbH, represented by Steven Chareonbood, Brunnenstrasse 27, 8610 Uster, Switzerland.

Given the complexity of tracking technologies, users are invited to contact the provider directly with any further questions about the use of these technologies by this website.



Definitions and Legal Framework

Personal Information Any data that allows identifying a person directly or through linking with additional information.

Usage Data Such information that is automatically collected by this website or by third-party services used by the website. This includes IP addresses or domain names of the users' devices, URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) addresses, the time of the request, the method submitted to the server, the size of the file received in response, the response status code from the server, the country of origin, details about the used browser and operating system, time spent on individual pages, the application's navigation path, in particular, the sequence of visited pages, and other details about the device's operating system or IT environment.



The person using the website, generally coinciding with the Data Subject.


Data Subject

The natural person to whom the personal data belongs.


Data Processor

Natural or legal person, authority, or institution that processes personal data on behalf of the Controller, as described in this privacy policy.


Controller (or Operator)

The natural or legal person, authority, or institution that alone or jointly with others determines the purposes and means of processing personal data, including security measures regarding the operation and use of this website. Unless otherwise specified, the Controller is the natural or legal person providing this website.


This Website (or Application)

The hardware or software tool through which users' personal data is collected.



The service provided by this website, as described in the applicable terms of use (if available) and on this website.


European Union (EU)

Refers to all member states of the European Union and the European Economic Area, unless otherwise specified.



Small data sets stored on the user's device that are used for tracking.



Technologies such as cookies, unique identifiers, web beacons, embedded scripts, e-tags, or fingerprinting that enable tracking user activities

Legal Notice: This privacy policy applies exclusively to this website and the Evoya platform, unless otherwise stated in this document. It is important to note that this privacy policy does not cover the data processing practices of third-party providers that may be accessible through links on this website or within the Evoya platform. We recommend users to directly consult the privacy policies of such third-party providers, as we do not assume responsibility for their procedures and handling of personal data.

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