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Avoid data leakage with on-premise solutions for SMEs

Run large language models (LLM) on your servers and gain full control over your data.

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On Premise

What does on-premise mean?

An on-premise solution is a software or service that is installed and managed directly on a company's internal servers and infrastructure, rather than being delivered via the cloud. In the context of AI, this would mean running a language model (LLM) on your SMB's own servers.

Benefits for your company

In an era where data security and control are crucial, our on-premise solutions guarantee that your critical data is managed internally.

Data security

Your data remains securely within your network without migrating to external cloud services.


Maintain compliance policies through enhanced security and data protection measures.


Customization and seamless integration provide greater flexibility for business needs.


Language models on your own infrastructure

Using language models on one's own infrastructure strengthens data control and security, allows for precise customization to company-specific needs, and supports compliance. This approach not only promotes flexibility in adjustments and integrations but also strengthens the trust relationship with stakeholders through enhanced data protection and independent data processing.

Step 1

Needs analysis and strategy development

To create a solid foundation for successful implementation, the first step must be to conduct a needs analysis and strategy development. In this process, we evaluate your specific business needs (including an ROI calculation) and develop a tailored strategy for the implementation of language models on your infrastructure.

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Step 2

Technical Architecture Planning

In the next step, we focus on the technical architecture planning. In this process, we design a detailed technical architecture that ensures the language model can be seamlessly integrated into your existing IT landscape.

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Step 3


After the planning and analysis phase, the implementation begins, during which we work closely with your IT team. We install and configure the customized language model on your infrastructure to ensure optimal integration and alignment with your business requirements. This phase is characterized by our focus on efficiency and a smooth introduction, supported by close cooperation with your team.

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Do you want to achieve full data control with the on-premise solution from Evoya AI?

Then contact us now for a non-binding initial consultation, we will be happy to answer all your questions about on-premise.

Additional services

LLM Fine-Tuning

Optimize your language model for specific requirements to maximize the efficiency and accuracy of your AI.

Prompt Engineering

Develop precise prompts to improve the performance of your language model and get tailored answers.

Autonomous AI agents

Create intelligent agents that act autonomously and independently solve complex tasks in your business environment.

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