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Evoya Platform

Smart Inbox Organizer

Experience a mailbox that organizes itself: E-mails are automatically categorized according to specifications, sorted into the appropriate folders or forwarded directly to the responsible office.

Intuitive task creation

Give your categorization task a concise name, an optional description, and specify whether you want to process the entire mailbox or just a specific subfolder.

Intuitively create email categorization tasks in Avaia.

Precise categorization

Set a specific name and clear description for each email category. Practical example: An email from an existing customer could be automatically classified as "urgent" based on wording and tone and immediately sent to the appropriate escalation team to get redirected. It's that easy - no technical knowledge is required for configuration.

Precise email categorization in Avaia, automatic forwarding based on word choice and tone.

To mark. Read. Delete. Forward.

Highlight important messages, mark others as read, delete the unessential or forward if necessary. Also determine whether the email should be copied or moved, as well as in which folder it should end up.

Email management in Avaia: Mark, Read, Delete, Forward.

Unlimited email categories

There is no upper limit on the number of categories. Design your mailbox the way it suits you best for organized, clear and efficient work.

Unlimited email categories in Avaia for an organized and efficient inbox.

More features

Email Replier

Automatic creation of email responses tailored to the use case. Save as a draft or send directly.

Knowledge Base

Use knowledge bases as a central source of information. Supported formats: URLs, PDFs, Word documents, Google Docs, text files and more.


Intelligent chatbots for customer service automation and as internal AI assistants.

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