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Customer Service

Your AI-powered customer service expert.

Meet your tireless, AI-supported customer service expert. Trained with insights from numerous customer interactions, it ensures that your customers are always satisfied.

The Core Competencies of Your Customer Service Expert

Thanks to its extensive expertise, your customer service expert ensures an outstanding customer experience. Discover the five key competencies that set it apart:


Possesses deep knowledge of most industries and specialized fields.


Uses proven methods for efficiently handling customer inquiries.


Can respond to customer inquiries precisely, friendly, and in over 100 languages.


an utilize CRM systems and other technologies to optimize service.


Finds creative ways to satisfy customers.

Tools – The Hands and Feet of Your Customer Service Expert

A brilliant mind alone is not enough – it also needs the right tools to work effectively, right?

Tools are your customer service expert's virtual hands and feet, making it truly useful. Sending emails, creating CRM entries, and other actions require appropriate tools. Your customer service expert has access to these and many other "tools," continuously expanding its capabilities.

Your Knowledge Combined with AI – The Core for Successful Automation of Your Business Processes.

Identify Knowledge

Provide the Evoya AI Brain with website content, manuals, process instructions, and all other relevant knowledge. This way, you transform dusty and unused knowledge into valuable resources.

Manage Knowledge

Simply turn it on and off. You control which knowledge your customer service expert can access.

Delegate More Work with Integrations

By integrating other platforms and applications, such as CRMs, task management applications, and more, your customer service expert achieves omnipresence. It can independently take on even more complex tasks. The tedious and time-consuming copy-and-paste work is completely eliminated.

Categorize emails

You determine the email categories. For example, an email from an existing customer could be automatically classified as "urgent" based on the wording and tone and immediately forwarded to the appropriate escalation team.

There is no upper limit to the number of categories. Customize your mailbox to suit your needs.


Verbinden Sie Ihre Website. Anpassungen werden automatisch übernommen.


Laden Sie zusätzliche Datein hoch oder fügen Sie deren URLs hinzu.


Hinterlegen Sie Informationen im Rohtext-Format – einfach, aber effektiv.


Verfasst präzise und professionelle E-Mails.


Beantwortet Kundenanfragen in Echtzeit.


Liefert schnelle und genaue Antworten auf häufig gestellte Fragen.


Bietet umfassende und aktuelle Produktdetails.

Und vieles mehr...

Vielseitig einsetzbar für diverse Kundenservice-Aufgaben.

Get started now and receive the customer service expert tailored to your business.

Supported by the Evoya AI-Brain.

Combine your knowledge with the intelligence and capabilities of the AI-powered customer service expert.

Connect your website. Adjustments are automatically applied.


Upload additional files or add their URLs.


Store information in raw text format – simple but effective.

Raw Text

And that's not all!

Achieve greater reach, expanded capabilities, and comprehensive presence of your customer service expert with tools and integrations.

Apply Knowledge

The Evoya AI Brain provides your customer service expert with the information needed to perform its tasks, depending on the case.

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