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Evoya Platform


Increase your productivity by integrating additional applications to seamlessly collaborate with your AI agents and make them accessible to more people, such as members of the same organization or even customers.


Expand the reach of your AI agents by embedding them into web-based applications. This allows your agents to be used directly on your website or in your web applications, making access available to a larger number of users.


Improve communication and collaboration within your team by integrating your AI agents into Slack. This integration enables you to incorporate your agents directly into your Slack channels, allowing all team members to access them effortlessly.


Optimize your project management processes by integrating your AI agents into ClickUp. This integration allows your agents to plan and execute tasks, leading to greater efficiency and automation for you and your organization.

Google Drive

Expand your storage options and improve access to important data by integrating your AI agents with Google Drive. This connection enables your agents to access external databases and storage media directly.

More platform features

Chat Agents

With the power of generative artificial intelligence, internal teams can be relieved and customers can be served around the clock.

Email Automation

Experience a mailbox that organizes itself: Emails are automatically sorted according to your specifications and receive appropriate AI-powered responses.

AI Brain

Expand the capabilities of the Evoya Platform by adding additional data sources. Inputs include websites, PDF files, Word documents, Google Docs, text files, and more.

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