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Evoya Platform

AI Brain

Expand the capabilities of the Evoya Platform by adding additional data sources. Inputs include websites, PDF files, Word documents, Google Docs, text files, and more.

Efficient knowledge expansion

The system's knowledge base can be expanded by storing data from various sources. After data import, careful indexing is carried out for quick searching, and embedding techniques are applied to capture deeper semantic relationships. This enables the system to not only find relevant information in seconds but also understand its meaning in the context of the query, which significantly improves the quality of the response.

Illustration: Avaia knowledge expansion through data import, indexing and semantic analysis

Various data formats

The system can work with a wide range of data sources. From websites, PDF files, Word documents, and Google Docs to text files. This flexibility allows you to leverage the broad spectrum of your digital content.

Always up to date

The knowledge base is continuously fed with the most up-to-date information from your specified URLs. Any changes or new content on your website are directly incorporated.

Illustration: Avaia continually updates the knowledge base with the latest information from specified URLs


By linking with systems such as CRM and ERP, the knowledge of the Evoya Platform can be significantly expanded. However, you determine which data is used and how it is utilized.

Illustration: Avaia expands knowledge through integration with CRM and ERP systems, custom data usage

More platform features

Email Automation

Experience a mailbox that organizes itself: Emails are automatically sorted according to your specifications and receive appropriate AI-powered responses.


Increase your productivity by integrating additional applications to seamlessly collaborate with your AI agents and make them accessible to more people, such as members of the same organization or even customers.

Chat Agents

With the power of generative artificial intelligence, internal teams can be relieved and customers can be served around the clock.

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